The Power To Forgive And Move Forward

Here’s how to forgive and move forward, even if somebody hurt you to the core

Broken heart Love hurtsI know, it hurts…

If somebody hurt you to the core that means you have really loved, you’ve opened yourself up to love and you allowed yourself to be vulnerable.

And that is a rare quality, a very rare skill.

Most people don’t open themselves up, they don’t become vulnerable and don’t expose themselves.

The fact that you were hurt to the core only means that you are capable of great love. That means you are capable of loving somebody and being loved by somebody else in an extraordinary way.

You will do something that most people are not willing to do.

- So, do you have to forgive the other person and forgive yourself? Yes.
- Do you have to go slow, lick your wounds and learn from what you’ve gone through? Yes.
- Are you willing to examine why this happened? How did you contribute to this?
- Do you want to learn how to forgive and move forward?

Maybe they betrayed you, maybe they went out on you, maybe they stole from you, maybe they did something horrible… But what red flags didn’t you see?

You have to find out the truth, so you can learn from it.

They hurt you to the core. I get it.

But the fact that they hurt you tells me HOW AMAZING and DARING YOU ARE, so you, my dear, can absolutely love again.

All you have to do is to forgive and move forward. Keep learning, keep reaching out and please, don’t close down.

Continue to be fearless, continue to live a fearless life.

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One thought on “The Power To Forgive And Move Forward

  1. this wil help me get through my pain my mistakes ,my undying memories of a person i thought was my life partner i never knew my soul was real and my spirit was alive ive lost my best freind, mother and soul mate, and never to be replaced.

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